Career Regrets? It’s Never too Late.

  • At 23, Oprah was fired from her first reporting job.
  • At 24, Stephen King was working as a Janitor and living in a trailer.
  • At 28, J.K.Rowling was a single parent living on benefit.
  • Vera Wang failed to make the Olympic figure skating team, didn’t get the Editor-in Chief position at Vogue and designed her first dress at 40.
  • Alan Rickman gave up his graphic design career to purse acting at 42.
  • Samuel L Jackson didn’t get his first movie role until he was 46.
  • Morgan Freeman landed his first major movie role at 52.
  • Ernestine Shepherd started as a competitive bodybuilder at 56, she still competed at 71.
  • Louise Hay didn’t launch her publishing company, Hay House until she was 62.
Closer to home.. I’ve worked with clients on their second, third or fourth careers, or degrees! I’ve worked with students and graduates who have had not made it as professional sportspeople, or into careers they’ve wanted since children because of health reasons, or to all kinds of goals despite doing everything they could.
Yet, those experiences are always valuable and there is always another path.

If you haven’t found your dream career yet, it’s not too late. If you’ve found it and lost it, it’s also not too late. You aren’t a failure because you haven’t ‘made it’ by the age of 25 or 30. It’s OK if you don’t even know what your dream is, or if you’ll ever have one.

  • Never tell yourself you’re too old or it’s too late.
  • Never tell yourself that you’ve missed your chance.
  • Never tell yourself that you aren’t good enough or this isn’t for people ‘like you’.
Life IS short. But, you CAN find and do something you are happy to trade your time and life for.

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