Personal Coaching

Thinking about your future employability, looking for work, sick of coming second at interview or unhappy/stressed within your current career. In all of these scenarios, guidance and coaching speed up your progress towards more certainty, confidence and motivation. 

Coaching isn't just for crisis or last resort situations. The most successful people in all walks of life regularly review and continually learn and develop. Many have coaches, not because they are under performing, but because they want to keep improving some area(s) of their life - career, health, spiritual, financial, relationships.

In Book Me you can see a range of guidance and coaching packages. I offer a limited number of stand alone services such as the Pre-University Consultation, Interview Preparation and some Psychometric Assessments. Otherwise, anything less than a series of sessions and package of support is not generally recommended. 

All packages are designed to be ambitious and are therefore an effective use of your money and time and also of my time. Results take work and commitment, during and between sessions. But don't be daunted, it will sometimes be challenging but always supportive and motivating. Extra sessions can be added to ensure we work at your pace and with your confidence levels at all stages.

If you're confused about advice, guidance and coaching then please read my explanation What is Coaching?

If you know you want your life to change and if you hope you are ready to benefit from coaching, then go ahead and Book Me. If you aren't ready, or if there is something else you need to do first, then one or both of us will know within the first session. If that is the case I will refund the package, wish you well and hope to see you in the future.