About Me

Who I am, what I do and why?

"Laura has an excellent way of making things relatable and digestible. A rare skill much needed in this day of social media and high stress"

I am a Career Coach with 20 years experience supporting thousands of students, graduates and professionals to achieve their career goals and dreams.

Having worked for many years as a full time employee, I now guide and coach via contracts with several Universities, directly with individuals and via social media, including my FB page "Graduate Career Club" and "Career Clinic" videos for Prospects.

The work I do gives me great satisfaction and energy, which means that I can inspire and be inspired by those I work with. For me, everything I offer has to have a purpose, an impact and connection. That's what I want from work and life.

Coaching means that I get to learn about what you want from work too and I always find that fascinating.  I know that the right advice and coaching will always get you to where you want to be, faster than on your own. Being a part of your progress is exhilarating.

If you are looking for that kind of support alongside you as you pursue exciting ideas, or as you face career-related challenges, go ahead and Book Me to get started quickly. If you have any questions about what would suit you best, or anything you can't see here but wonder if I can do, just ask.   

Specific qualifications and experience:

BSc Psychology, PG Diploma in HE Career Guidance, HEA Fellow, ILM Accredited Coach, BPS registered for Occupational and Personality Testing, MBTI Qualified Practitioner and Strengthscope® Accredited.

I have worked with students and graduates from the vast majority of disciplines; mostly from: the University of Exeter, Lancaster University, the University of East Anglia, the University of Bath and the University of Surrey.  

Coaching more experienced professionals started when I started working with staff at the University of Bath - academics, managers and other administrative staff. Coaching those identified by senior management as having leadership potential to progress, or new to more senior roles, was particularly enjoyable.

Past coachees, in work but wanting to progress or deal with work-related issues and career changes, have included: academics, a pilot, journalists and finance professionals. But anyone can benefit from coaching, particularly those who want to build on success and never stop growing.

Laura Lawrence