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I needed confidence, clarity and focus. I needed to believe I could do this and I needed a gentle push. I got ALL of those working with Laura

Fine Arts Graduate

I'm very happy with what I achieved in just TWO weeks. I went from vague ideas to a couple I'm really excited about. Plus confident application skills.

Journalist changing career.

Your help was so valuable when I was getting despondent about the job application process. I have now secured a great job with PA Consulting.

Computer Science Graduate

I felt very lost and unsure what the next steps were. You helped focus my attention and work out exactly what it was that I wanted to do.  

Accounting Graduate

I was scared of worrying myself into bad health and had to try something. After just 2 sessions I'm calmer overall and really enjoyed my last flight. Worries under control!

Professional Pilot

Thanks so much for our first session, it was really great ! So
was the time well spent and do I feel positive - YES!!!

University administrator.

I fell in love with the company and they offered me the job!! 
I’d really like to thank you..if it hadn’t been for our discussions then I would still be completely lost and would never have dreamt of applying for this grad scheme! 

Architecture Graduate

I have just started at the Ministry of Justice as a Fast Streamer and am loving it. 6 months ago you gave me some very good guidance and tips and I wanted you to know how valuable that was. 

PhD graduate

I had just been made redundant and had an idea of changing direction. I worked through the plan we made and secured a post.  I do believe it was the first time in my life where I had targeted a post and achieved what I set out to do.

Non graduate career changer

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