Success Not Stress. Personalised Coaching Package.

Success Not Stress. Personalised Coaching Package.

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Appointment times to fit around your work commitments.

Success in your career goals should improve all parts of your life. But high performance, growth and change bring challenge of course. So the best in every field alway engage others as support and for accountability. 

Coaching isn't generally for crisis or last resort situations. The most successful people in all walks of life regularly review and continually learn and develop. Many have coaches, not because they are under performing, but because they want to keep improving some area(s) of their life - career, health, spiritual, financial, relationships. 

Perhaps you are taking on something new and don't know your capabilities yet. It's exciting, maybe scary though you can't tell you colleagues that. This is a chance to shine and you want to make sure you do.

Perhaps you have achieved a lot but it's taken it's toll and you are experiencing fatigue, anxiety or insomnia - maybe for the first time in your life. You don't want or need counselling or medical assistance, but you have a feeling that might change if you don't do something. 

As a Career Coach I can guarantee you more success with:

  • Goals for promotion or stepping up your performance in your current role.
  • Thriving and having the impact you want in a new role, project or position.
  • Having more impact with less effort by engaging your natural strengths and also those of the people around you.
  • Getting your power and confidence back after a set back.
  • More balance across areas of your life.
  • Managing stress and anxiety with practical techniques.

"I owe you another big thank you for your very helpful guidance about xxxx when I decided to apply for the job. That was really useful! Anyway, last week it was confirmed that I am now to be Head of Department! " - University Academic.

"Thanks so much for our first session, it was really great ! So was the time well spent and do I feel positive? - YES!!!" and after we'd finished "Thank you for all your care and hard work, you were really outstanding" - University Administrator.

"I was scared of worrying myself into bad health and had to try something. After just 2 sessions I'm calmer overall and really enjoyed my last flight. Worries under control." - Professional Pilot.


If there is anything you want to change or improve in your career there are just two more things to check out.

Firstly, let me tell you a little more about coaching, so you are clear what it is and isn't. Most importantly: coaching is not counselling, it focused on the future not the past and we set concrete goals and strategies to get there.

Secondly, check you are ready for coaching. If any questions or concerns have not been covered then contact me.  

The only step left now - to improving your life - is to book me. 

Life is too short to delay what you want now. Of course you may ask as many questions as you like and take your time. But, unlike many coaches, I don't insist on arranging a consultation call to check fit, then time to deliberate until diaries are full and intentions burnt out. I only keep 1 or 2 of this package on sale at a time so I can respond quickly and give you my full attention and energy. So if you want to get moving quickly we can.

However, life is also too short to waste time, effort and money on the wrong activities and with the wrong people. What motivates me is working alongside you to achieve results.  So during our first conversation, if either of us decide that this partnership won't work, or the time isn't right, I will refund the package and wish you well.

So what do you get for your money? 

Coaching is possibly the only time you have full attention from someone completely on your side for confidential support without their own agenda. I draw on my experience working with finance professionals, senior academics and administrators, journalists and others. I draw on my expertise in career guidance, coaching, neuropsychology and psychometrics. You can see a little more about my experience, but ask if anything is not clear.

It is impossible to say what techniques and tools we will utilise in each session, as it depends what comes up in our conversations. I can't always predict that and you probably can't either, so it can be quite an adventure! I don't like "add-on" costs so most tools are free though occasionally there may be a small additional cost agreed for some licensed psychometric tools, such as StrengthScope or MBTI.

I can say that the second and third sessions are often the most insightful, so this package is 4 sessions to start with. This is based on 4 x 2 hours sessions, so 8 hours one to one working together. The length and frequency of sessions can be adjusted to suit you and follow up emails/ check ins, or whatever we agree is helpful, is included in that package. This is more than 8 hours of time and effort from me and certainly more from you!

Appointments can be out of office hours, including weekends, and generally take place over the phone. 

The cost for this initial commitment is £1050. I like to be as focused and effective as we can be and not to stretch anything out if your desired changes happen quickly. If you have what you need to fly solo from this point I have no desire to tie you into the longer programmes coaching companies often do.

However, we will go at your pace and with what life brings for you, so with agreement on both sides we can add additional sessions, at £200 for each 2 hour session. My experience is that many people decide 4 - 6 sessions in total is the optimal amount for the best possible progress. Sometimes one is a follow up a few months further on. 

I can't wait for you to share your goals with me and to play my part in your future success. 

Expect to hear from me 48 hours of purchase, usually sooner.