Pre University Consultation

Pre University Consultation

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Evening and weekend appointments are available.

- Is it worth going to university?

- What are the graduate job prospects like?

- What is a graduate job anyway?

- Does it matter where I study? Or what I study?

- Which are the best universities? What if I'm not going to a 'top' university?

Choosing Higher Education is exciting and daunting. It's a big commitment and something you probably want impartial guidance on, just as you would for any other large investment of time, effort and money.

There isn't much of that impartial guidance about though. Schools and colleges don't usually have the expertise and experience. Speakers and stands at school UCAS days are generally there to market their courses to you. Plus the range of Universities represented generally isn't very large, so you get a skewed perspective. Let alone when you go to University Open Days - where marketing now has a big influence. University is big business. Then there is always too much to see and think about. Little time to think beyond the course, accommodation and social life!

For less than the cost of your travel to some open days I can save you time, money and heartache by cutting through any information overwhelm, confusion and uncertainty you may be experiencing. Or if you're confident about your decision, but want to plan for making the best of University we can focus on that.

I have supported thousands of students and graduates through career choices and into graduate jobs and postgraduate study. Using that university experience and my knowledge of graduate jobs and recruitment, I can guarantee to leave you feeling confident about:

* Questions you should ask when considering Higher Education and any specific university or course.

* Why you would embark on a degree and what it could lead to.

* Anything that previously puzzled you about graduate jobs or schemes.

* How to get ahead at University when it comes to employability and prospects - wherever and whatever you choose to study.

* The little known factors that will give you an edge with employers.

It's a very individual choice with varying factors to consider.  However many blogs I write or forums I comment on, I would never cover everything relevant to you. Or if I did you would end up even more overwhelmed! That is why a conversation, where I listen as much as talk, is so much more valuable. 

You may also decide that Higher Education is not for you, or not at the moment. I have no agenda either way, my only focus is on you considering all angles and making an informed decision. Particularly about: where you go, what you study and how to make the best of it. 

Additional follow up career coaching and support may be purchased by agreement.

Do read more about me and contact me if you have questions. You might also like to read my blog posts on employability and league tables and order my FREE guide and checklist on choosing your degree as a starting points.

Once purchased I will be in touch within 36 hours to book a convenient time. Discussion normally takes place over the phone or Skype, which is particularly useful if the prospective student and a parent want to talk together. Face to face may be also possible, use the contact form to enquire before purchase.