What to Consider When Choosing a Degree - FREE Guide and Checklist

What to Consider When Choosing a Degree - FREE Guide and Checklist

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  • Will university increase my job prospects?
  • How is employability measured?
  • Is it that important what I study and where?
  • The 'best' course at a 'top' university or Russell Group university must be the best choice surely?
  • What is a graduate job anyway?

These are the kind of questions, in my opinion, not asked enough. You might be unusual in asking questions beyond the headlines and marketing, but university is a big decision and it's important to get it right. Most importantly - right for you, not right according to received wisdom.

decisions which university which course

This guide is based on my 20 years experience, supporting students and graduates from the start of their courses and through to several years after graduation. Also from working with graduate recruiters over that time.

Writing this guide was prompted by: media reports, the conversations I have found myself having at open days with prospective students and parents and also what has come to light in career guidance sessions, as facts and information that client wished they'd known earlier!

I have no agenda to persuade anyone to go to university, or not. I have however, seen university marketing increase hugely over the last couple of decades. At the same time employers demand more from graduates and it's such a commitment of time and money for students and their families. So, it's important to go into that decision with our eyes open.

If you decide to go to University, it is  an amazing experience, opening up a world of opportunity and so my guide also introduces some tips on how to make the most of that.

With my blog posts on employability and looking beyond league tables , I have given you a good start with factors to think about. With this guide I bring those together with a bit more detail and information. I have then added a checklist of questions to use when you are gathering information at open days or researching universities online.

You might also like to check out my Facebook page, Graduate Career Club, as a companion from applying, through to graduation and beyond. 

If you would like a one to one conversation, we can review and weigh up what you have discovered (or not been able to) and look more specifically at what it all means for you and your choices. I won't tell you what to do, but I will listen to your priorities and give unbiased guidance to help you make the best decision for your future.