Master Your Interview - Personalised Package of Support

Master Your Interview - Personalised Package of Support

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"It has been a crazy week, lots of exciting developments: I was offered not one, but BOTH of the positions I interviewed for!! I know that for one of the positions, over 100 people applied for the job, so I am totally over the moon. I cannot communicate my gratitude to you for taking the time to give me such amazing advice. In my feedback, they said that my interview skills are what won them round, which is in a large way due to you."

"I have been offered a role at PwC on the Assurance Program. I'm really amazed and grateful! Thank you so much for taking the time to help me prepare as it definitely gave me more confidence."

"You helped me with my interview preparation for DSTL and i just wanted to say thank you very much - I got it! "

"Thank you for your mock interview and psychometric test help. Just to let you know I have finally got a job! I'm starting as a medical writer in a company called Medaxial later this month which I'm really excited about." 

You might be an experienced professional applying for promotion or a change of career. You might be or a student/graduate, applying for a graduate job, placement or internship. Perhaps you are about to face a particularly challenging interview, perhaps it's your first ever interview, or perhaps you are in that frustrating position where you keep being told that "you were great but.."  

To reach this stage you have already done well.  But it can be stressful, time consuming and costly to repeat too often. So, if you want to make the most of this opportunity and give yourself your very best chance, get help.

Interview preparation with me will save you time, money and heartache. Doing the maximum number of applications and interviews you can until you secure an offer is NOT the best way. I can ensure you are well prepared for your next interview by:

*Tailoring our session(s) to your experience and current level of confidence. If you want a full on practice interview we'll do that. If you'd prefer to talk through your worries and discuss possible questions, including any areas you find particularly difficult to talk about, we can start with that. Or a mixture of both until you are confident.

*Tailoring the discussion to your specific target role and employer and your application. This is why I will ask you to provide a copy of the application/CV you submitted and details about the post or scheme applied for.

*Focusing also on mental preparation so that you can answer questions confidently and professionally. We won't just focus on content but how you express yourself.

*Giving you honest and constructive feedback and tips on how to improve.

*If we are preparing you for a specific interview, we can also de-brief after that, including discussing employer feedback or the job offer. 

As you probably know, there are many types of interview. I can help with interviews for all sectors and a variety of formats (e.g. telephone or video) and question types (e.g. competency, biographical, strength based).

Please note: If the interview is a technical interview check first as some discipline areas I can cover to that depth and some not. I can discuss, but am not experienced in conducting, the specific case study interviews some consultancy firms use at the final stages.

Do read more about me and contact me if you have questions. It's natural to wonder.."yes, but can she help me?" or "is it really worth the investment?" Chances are I will be able to give examples of how I have helped people just like you and applying for just the same jobs. But, if I'm not the right person I will say so.

Once you purchase this package I will be in touch within 24 hours to agree a time to get started. Evening and weekend appointments are available.