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Strengthscope® is transforming the lives of individuals, teams and leaders in organisations all over the world. This unique strengths-based psychometric profiling, plus feedback and coaching around your profile:

  • enables self-awareness, so you can choose work you find fulfilling.
  • empowers you to use your strengths. This will give you more energy, focus and authenticity. Ultimately leading to better results with any goal.
  • connect with others around your strengths and theirs. Understand how overusing your strengths can be damaging to yourself and others. 

The Strengthscope tool is my favourite coaching tool, particularly for those who have a reasonable amount of work experience. It really cuts through experience and training and all the things we can do, and gets instead to the heart of what we love.

You will become clear on what energises you and how you can use aspects of yourself to breeze more easily through anything. Work becomes more fulfilling for you as an individual and team work and leadership more effective. 

Managers and leaders in particular have found this process surprisingly illuminating and incredibly practical. I have been able to work with mangers to quickly find a way to better manage stress, departments goals, influencing their seniors. The more senior your role the more potential ways to approach it and the strengths based approach is about finding the more advantageous strategies for you, acknowledging that a good leader is not an all-rounder.

Strengthscope is not a measurement of 'skills' in terms of what skills you have developed and displayed on your CV.

Strengthscope is not a personality assessment